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The Hemp SeeDee - Links

Asoma Music The Hemp SeeDee was produced by Errol Francis of Asoma Music.
The Hemp Industries Association The Information link to Hemp in North America
Hempology The Digital Hemp History Library, lots of old documents & present links
The Vote Hemp Report Recent publication available for download - political action
The Hemp Report Updates on all the news in the world of hemp, farming and more
The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance Canada's new network of hemp businesses and supporters
The Emperor Wears No Clothes the book that started the new hemp revolution, for download
Living Tree Paper tree free paper
Conolio hemp = chanvre en francais, info on hemp in French
Ford's Hemp Mobile Ford made a car with a hemp plastic body in 1940s
Banning of Hemp & Why Hemp made illegal as "marijuana" to remove farmers as source of industrial raw materials
National Farmers Union Papers on the family farm crisis and effects of geneticically modified seeds
Hemp Food Industry Association Hemp Food & Hemp Plastic from Britain and Australia
Hemp Growers CoOp Great info on hemp & how to grow it from Manitoba
Saskatchewan Hemp Association Hemp farmers in Saskatchewan growing & selling hemp together
Hemp Crop Diagram Hemp from seed to product. All the steps, many of the products
Fuel & Fibre Tech info on biofuels from fibre
Biofuels ongoing discussion group on biofuels
Hemp Links The ultimate links page
Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps All One! Supporting hemp and life on Earth with Magic HempOil Soaps
Hemp Homes growing hemp for hemp straw bale homes and hempcrete
Ontario Hemp Alliance Supporters and players in Ontario's hemp industry
HEMPhasis Magazine Hemp Magazine just published in South Dakota
Hemptech The Industrial Hemp Information Network
Hemp History in Canada A brief history of hemp in Canada
Hemp Conspiracy True story of State Corruption and Individual Consequence
Emperor of Hemp Video Video Documentary of revival of consciousness about hemp
Hempline Grew first modern Canadian hemp crop and biggest fibre processor
New Crop, new uses: Hemp "The single most useful webpages on hemp" - Tom Murphy (43 pages)
Drug War Documentary film Grass - award winning documentary of the history of The Drug War
Hemp Hemp Hooray video The Growing Industrial Hemp Market- shows what's possible
Industrial hemp news Global Hemp News on the web
Hemp Stores Searchable Retail Hemp Stores
Cool Hemp More Hemp links

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